Custom Rifle Builds

Regardless of what discipline you shoot, we can build a rifle to suit your requirements.

We have an established reputation using the highest quality components to build a rifle able to achieve what you wish

Custom actions from Borden, Mausingfield, Stiller, Surgeon, PGWDTI, Barnard and Lawton have been used as the heart of high accuracy builds.

Semi-Custom builds are available using – used Sako, Tikka, Howa, Remington, Winchester or your own donor action.

Barrel blanks from Bartlein, Kreiger, Broughton, Brux, GB Barrels, Sassen and Lothar Walther have been used regularly – dependant on end use, application and availability.

Stocks are available from PSE Composites, Mcmillan, Manners, Wildcat Composite, GRS, KKC or use the donor action factory wood if semi custom build – dependent on budget

Custom bottom metal from Badger, Sunny Hill, Williams, Tier One, Atlasworks

Triggers available from factory, Bix n Andy, Jewel, Trigger Tech, Flavio Flare, Timney

Magazine system from standard factory to AICS compatible

Refinishing service available for wooden / laminate stocks

More examples of our custom builds

Three Position Safety fitting to a BRNO 458 Lott Dangerous Game Rifle

Ceracoating service outsourced to industry professional partner whom we work closed with

Blacking Service provided by industry professional partner

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