Deer Management

Andy has over 20 yrs experience of deer management in both recreational and semi-professional roles. He took DSC1 in 2001 at Grizedale under the tutelage of John Cubby, Norman Healy and Nigel Pickering. Serving as a committee member on the BDS Northwest Branch for over 10 years assisting with Range Days and arranging several visits to Deer Parks. He undertook and passed DSC2 in 2016.

Along with a stalking partner, we manage several areas in the Lancs / Cumbria Border area, with very good relationship with landowners. Working alongside them to achieve acceptable population levels alongside forestry, farm and recreational land management.

We have also managed a Deer Management Group for the last 14 years in the Yorkshire Dales area, working in close partnership with Forestry Managers to provide a consistent approach to crop protection and deer population reduction within that area.

Contract Culling – Andy works alongside several partners to provide a highly discrete and professional service to landowners wishing to reduce populations on a welfare, herd management basis or simply when an area has had no effective deer management.

Population density reduction in large numbers has been undertaken with the necessary logistic support in place to provide humane removal of deer, hygenic presentation / delivery of carcass’s, safe disposal of waste by product and client confidentiality.

This work is undertaken in absolute confidence to client and fellow workers engaged.

Wetland Area Red Deer Recovery
Deer tracking dog available in the event a follow up track is necessary – Flat Coat Retriever – Air and Ground Scenter

Further details available on request