Rifle Refurbishment

Rifles often come to us for a complete refurbishment, there are a number of reasons for this, primarily the owner has had the rifle from new and does not wish to purchase another replacement.

Refurbishment is quite an undertaking and takes a great deal of time and effort to get right, along with the owners wishes for finish, rebarrelling and any other replacement / worn out items may be replaced at this time.

Often these undertakings are classed as a labour of love due to the attachement the owner has of their rifle

Rifles invariably come to us in “shot out” condition, with worn bluing on the trigger guard, floor plate and action.

The barrel is removed and all parts stripped as per the rebarrelling process previously described. In the case of older / traditional rifles, a chromoly steel barrel is used. Once proofed, all parts are blacked to factory or best finish.

Attention is given to the stock and at this point it may be pillar bedded, recoil pad replaced and any marks or dents raised and repaired. The stock will then be finished with oil, propriety, varnish or polished to a best standard depending on customer requirements.

Examples of refurbishment work

We will be happy to discuss any refurbishment project you have

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