Pillar Bedding

Bowland Custom are highly experienced in Pillar Bedding many types of rifle.

Pillars are custom made from stainless steel or alluminum, machined to the appropriate length to allow reliable contact with bottom metal / magazine fed rifles to achieve the correct magazine height for bolt pick up

We only use Devcon epoxy compound as this has proven to be the most stable material we have used since 2007

Bedding work is undertaken to stabilise the interface bettween barrelled action, stock and bottom metal. It provides an inert base for the action to sit within the stock – removing atmosperic changes (moisture content of stock, temperature, humidity) . Pillars are machined to be in contact with the base of the action and bottom metal to provide a non crush fit when torquing down action screws

With the exception of PSE Composites stocks, which have integral carbon fibre pillars in built during the manufacturing process and some alloy chassis systems, we do not and will not skim bed any stocks. The only way to properly bed a rifle is by inserting pillars and an inert bedding compound.

All bedding work undertaken requires a significant amount of time, care and skill to be properly conducted

Rifles bedded by us shoot more consistently, can be stripped and rebuilt into the stock after cleaning or maintainence without concern for loss of zero and are not affected by the weather.

All surfaces exposed during the bedding process are re sealed using appropriate coating for wood, laminate, composite stocks

Sako 75 Pillar Bedding
Sako 75 Completed Bedding
Custom made pillars and recoil lug for Tikka 590 /595 / 690 / 695

PGWDTI Coyote action and bottom metal, chambered in 6.5×47 Lapua and inletted into a PSE E Tac Stock, which was then bedded with Devcon.

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